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Cork Fabric Sheet- Orange with Silver Flecks-

Cork Fabric Sheet- Orange with Silver Flecks-

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Cork fabric is a sustainable and ecofriendly material made of cork tree bark shavings which are compressed and laminated to a fabric support backing such as polyester or cotton. Once the bark is harvested from the tree it will regrow and the tree renews itself multiple times during its life making this material renewable and environmentally friendly. Cork fabric has a similar feel and durability to leather which is why is frequently called “cork leather.” It is flexible, hypoallergenic, waterproof, stain resistant and can easily be cut or sewn which makes it perfect for a multitude of uses.

Sizes Available:
5"x 8" sheets
8"x 10" sheets
16" x 20" Sheets

Thicknesses Range from 0.75mm - 0.95mm
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