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Fold-Over Elastic

Fold-Over Elastic

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ByAnnie® Fold-over elastic available in 14 different color choices and sold in 2 yard packages. Coordinates beautifully with the Lightweight Fabric Mesh, which is available in all 14 corresponding colors!

Fold-over elastic provides a decorative finish to your mesh pockets, apparels, crafts, hairbands and more while providing that extra touch of stretch!

We especially love using fold-over elastic for finishing the edges of our lightweight mesh fabric for pockets in purses and bags.

Not working with mesh? Fold-over elastic is perfect for finishing a neckline or wristbands on a special outfit.  The elastic is shiny on one side and matte on the other to allow for flexibility in aesthetic and is creased along the center for easier folding and sewing.

20mm (0.78") wide, nylon.

Available in 14 terrific colors.

IMPORTANT: Due to its elastic nature, fold-over elastic may shrink somewhat after coming off the roll. If you are cutting elastic for a project or for a customer, we recommend adding about 10% to the cut piece to accommodate shrinkage.

Alternatively, to accelerate the shrinkage, we recommend pressing the fold-over elastic with an iron set on low to medium heat BEFORE cutting the piece needed for the project to ensure that it will be the correct length.

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